A Crazy Witch on Steroids!

Together with co-facilitator puppy Joy, Saskia is conquering the world. She loves to laugh, be MAGICAL, have fun with other crazy people, and enjoy overall life. She is the walking, talking SPACE that allows others to be everything they are.

Empowering You to Show up for You!

She will empower you to show up for you and create the life you truly desire. A life of Magic, Miracles, and Infinite possibilities. She started as a successful owner of a beautiful hotel located in a gorgeous castle. But the Universe had other plans for her as she struggled with several severe diseases. This was an invitation for her to choose different, to explore different possibilities.
At that point Access Consciousness® showed up in her life and everything changed.

Saskia is known for her special capacities with the Earth and Bodies. She has a unique thorough way of facilitating with a lot of JOY.


Access Consciousness is a set of pragmatic tools that literally allow you to change everything in your life that does not work for you. This covers all areas including Money, Business, Relationships, Bodies, and Beyond. The tools are Crazy, Fun, and Easy meant to empower you to know what you know!