Saskia is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, an Access Body Process Facilitator & Yoga teacher. Access Consciousness is a set of pragmatic tools that literally allow you to change everything in your life that does not work you. This covers all areas including Money, Business, Relationships, Bodies and Beyond. The tools are Crazy, Fun and Easy meant to empower you to know what you know.

Empower You to Show up for You

She will empower you to Show Up for You and create the life you truly desire. A life of Magic, Miracles and Infinite possibilities. She started as a successful owner of a beautiful hotel located in a gorgeous castle. But the Universe had other plans for her as she struggled with Crohn’s disease.  This was an invitation for her to choose different, to explore different possibilities.

At that point Access Consciousness showed up in her life and everything changed.

Saskia is known for her special capacities with the Earth and Bodies. She has a unique and thorough way of facilitating with a lot of joy. The way that she talks to the energies that are present is spot on and allows change to show up with Ease with the Speed of Space.


Access Approved Translator

Ever since I attended the first live Global Foundation in Paris and I saw translation boots, it turned me on! I have to acknowledge that I “just” sent a little request into the universe… No more or less then…. 

“Hey, that would be freaking amazingly fun… to translate these classes into whatever language I can deliver” Not making any of it significant. At that time Dutch wasn’t translated at all and I can’t really deliver any other language then Dutch… hahaha

Until the beginning of this year…Dutch got introduced and I applied!

I translate Access Consciousness Classes around the world and from home, absolutely loving the fact that I get to meet so many people and get to attend so many brilliant classes!

The greatest compliment for me is when people receive the contribution from the translated recordings. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m listening to your translation of the mutant class right now! You’re amazing! Whaaaaa! Completely different way of receiving this again! Extra dimension! Goosebumps!”

Can I literally translate every word? No, that is impossible.

Yet I will be in complete communion with the facilitator and translate the energy of what is being said. Which gives me the greatest sense of Joy ever! By expanding the Dutch language in these classes I love that I’m inviting more people to Access Consciousness. Knowing that even if their English is not great, I am a contribution in them receiving more!  There is a gift in doing this and that goes beyond words!