What if for every area in your life where you feel stuck, there’s another possibility? Thousands of people around the world have created the life they desire by using the simple and pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness. For me they are much more than simple, for me they are magical!

In the Access Bars Class you have already been introduced to the first tools of Access Consciousness.

You’ve taken the first steps towards creating your life.

Is now the time to be even more You? To be the gift you are to you, your life and this planet?

The Foundation classes are designed to give you even more opportunities to change everything in your life.

Create a life in which you really thrive, other than survive in the box of this reality. The patterns, reactions and limitations from which we react with a kind of automatic reaction, a learned reaction, are released in a unique way. Then you are given the space to build a new foundation, so that you can start creating the life you really desire from infinite possibilities.

The Foundation, the information you should have gotten at the start your life on this earth, starts with 4 days full of change, fun, vulnerability and POSSIBILITIES!

You get a manual, receive many tools and learn different body processes. At the end of these 4 days you will receive a certificate and then you can apply what you have learned for yourself, your family, friends and in your practice.

What if it’s possible to change everything?
What do you know that no one else knows?
What if now is the time to choose what you came here for?
Who are you among all the things you’ve decided you should be?

Is now the time to recognise that you are unique to the possibilities of this world?

What if the world could be a place where people can be recognised for the gift they are?

Gary Douglas

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