Are you the FUTURE that allows another possibility to exist?

It is so easy to define in this reality, that we even define what an Access X-Men is or what it should or shouldn’t be.

Everywhere where we would try to define what an X-men is were we basically limit it, limit ourselves.

And what it comes down to is that we do have capacities, energetic capacities that are not familiar on this planet, and that are not acknowledged on this planet and because it’s not acknowledged or seen or embraced. It is a sense of wrongness that people live on a day-to-day basis.

That is what it comes down to for me.

I’m really looking at what if every wrong is everywhere you think you’re fucked up everywhere you think that you can’t change stuff because it’s so real and true in your world, while anything that is solid is actually not really and true for an Access X-men.

So how many of you are living through this life and be like, What is that like, what is it all about, and then maybe the acknowledgment that because you are a very energetic being and you have huge capacities with that, you don’t have to make yourself wrong anymore for not getting the solidity of this reality for not getting the structure, and the judgment, of this reality.

You are the FUTURE!

As an X-men, you most likely have a capacity as a visual thinker. This reality teaches you that to create you must have the vision of how something should be, put it out in front of you, and DO everything you can to get there. You may have noticed, this doesn’t actually work for you. You are different. You are weird. You are wild. You are whacky and I hate to tell you, but creating from this reality is never going to work for you! No matter how hard or how long you try.

The real future doesn’t have a picture. The real future is a possibility until you get to it. Creating the real future is being the energy of the future you would like to BE and then catching up to the future you have already created. You are the future. You just don’t want to know it.

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