to what you have decided you cannot change!

What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries, and magic of life?

The Access Body Class is designed to open up a dialogue and create a communion with your body that allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it and abusing it. When you start to change the way you relate to your body, you start to change how you relate to everything in your life.

What if it is possible to change everything?
What do you know about bodies that no one else knows?
What if now is the time to choose what you came for?
What have you decided your body should be?

Is it time to recognize that you and your body are unique to the possibilities of this world?

Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer created the Access Body Class. It is facilitated by Certified Body Class Facilitators to explore verbal processes and hands-on bodywork that unlock the tension, resistance, and dis-ease of the body by shifting energy dynamically.

People who have attended the Access Body Class have reported dramatic shifts and changes with their body size and shape, an overall relief from chronic and acute pain, and their relationships and money issues seem to get easier too.

Do you have a talent and ability to work with bodies that you haven’t yet unlocked? What do you know? Or are you a bodyworker – massage therapist, chiropractor, medical doctor, or nurse – looking for a way to enhance the healing you can do for your clients?

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