Welcome wonderful potent powerful YOU!

Have you always known that Magic EXISTS?
That life is not meant to be HARD?
Are you willing to SEE?
This is my invitation for YOU!

We have learned that life is hard.

That the creation of your life is even harder.
And everything needs to come with a certain difficulty.

What if that’s not real?
What if that’s not true?

I would like to invite you, seduce you, entice you to…
create your life based on Energy Pulls.

Get your Gift 👉🏻 HERE 👈🏻
Listen to it, and try it. And see what shows up…

All of life can truly come to you with Ease, Joy, and Glory!

Are you ready to Receive ?

Are you ready to stop making life difficult?
Start to become congruent with the Ease of Creation that nobody told you is Possible!

Are you Ready to RECEIVE?

Energy Pulls are based on the Energy that you are willing to be that creates the FUTURE…

Learn to create your LIFE with ENERGY PULLS!

Get Your Gift 👇🏻 HERE! 👇🏻 

When you truly acknowledge that everything that shows up in your life is based on the energy that you’re willing to be, you can start to shift and change and turn around everything in your life that doesn’t work.

What if you would start to see yourself as the source of creation of your life?
To really cultivate that Sense of Power, that Sense of Creation, and that Sense of Adventure.

What if committing to your life as being the source would actualize a completely different future for you?

I would like to invite you to this adventure called the Epic Energy Pulls being the source of your life and living.

Sign-up 👉🏻 HERE 👈🏻

The September Kick-Off is GIFTED on SoundCloud & YouTube.

Join me for my GIFTED December Kick-Off on Friday the 2nd in my Facebook Group or Telegram Channel.

Are you ready to take the lead in CREATING YOUR LIFE?

What are you going to get?

Every month you will receive:

✨ Epic Energy Pulls on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9 AM CET.
✨ Audio of every Energy Pull.
Private Telegram group to engage with the other participants and ask questions.
Home play to contribute to you creating your life.
✨ Surprise screensavers for the creation of your life.
✨ you can replay these Daily Energy Pulls anytime, anywhere, and it will increase your LIFE every time you listen as they contain a little bit of Magic.

What do you require to know?

✨ There are 3 choices.

1. September Try-Out for 25 euros
2. Monthly membership for 65 euros
3. 3 Months of Epic Energy Pulls 150 euros

No Experience Needed!

What others say about waking up with me… 😉

Every morning….

Saskia’s pulls are a motivation for me to start the day with more awareness.
I laugh,
I cry,
I am touched but always grateful,
and then I really wonder what else is possible…?

Thank you for this amazing series.
It is always a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing group with such an amazing inspirational teacher ❤️
Thank you for the depth of all we went through, and thank you for your support❤️
It is an honor to be here🌷🌹
Cannot wait for more😊

These morning pulls are such a contribution to my Life and living.
To start the day with people who all have their own input. Some are in words, others are more energetic.
Together we create an amazing field to start our days with new possibilities 😍

Wow, I am addicted to the energy pulls available on SoundCloud.
Your energy is amazing beyond any description.
Thank you for your generosity and for offering all. It is truly priceless to listen to, tapping into your beautiful energy!

The energies that come up every day…it is a huge contribution to me. And all the access tools I have learned.
Since the storm, I really embody more potency and trust IT and by acknowledging it, my self-confidence and potency grows. It is amazing and great.
I know now that EVERYTHING is possible. I got that now more 🤩🥳than ever.
How does it get any better than that? 

For me, the Calls bring more clarity and lightness into my life.
I can especially deal with intense things (energies) in my body differently.
The tools are pragmatic and change shows up, just like that!
The pulls are an ongoing contribution.

For me, The pulls bring joy and A sense of relaxation to my being.
I could not put it in words before but now it comes to me as a homecoming and an invitation to go for it and be greater than ever before. 🙏🧚🏻‍♀️

Every morning the pulls are an exploration of all corners of unconsciousness, it gives me the space to choose more of me, and to keep on going; It really lights up my joy for living 😍🙏

For me, the pulls are so spot on, about what’s going on in my life, and with that, I’m expanding with everything in my life. Coming together with a bunch of people who are exploring everything and going beyond what’s ‘known’. That’s just Epic😃

Waking up and starting the day with the pulls from Saskia is for me, the wake-up call to stay and BE in my own reality!
To choose more and to BE more of me… 🌟

Choose what works for you and know there is ALWAYS MORE MAGIC and MORE POSSIBILITIES available if you are choosing to have it!

My MOTTO “If it isn’t MAGIC, it is NOT RELEVANT for my FUTURE!

Grateful for you being here and BEING YOU and I wonder what we can create together!

Are you ready to let THE UNIVERSE in?

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