august, 2022

01aug8:30 pm08(aug 8)10:00 pmThe Game of Inclusiona 3 Part Online Access X-men Exploration with Klaus & Saskia

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‘Just the two of us,
we can make it if we try, 
Just the two of us, 
Building castles in the sky,
Just the two of us,
You and I…’

We tend to lose ourselves, diminish ourselves, adapt, fix, and more in the relationships we desire to create.
To be liked, to be seen as valuable, to be not alone, while desiring to be alone, because it is too intense.

What if Relationships no longer have to be about adapting, wanting to change the other, fixing the other, and being stuck in mutual judgments based on hopes, dreams, and expectations?

‘Don’t find somebody who will love you. Find somebody who will tolerate you and you enjoy being with.’ ~ Gary Douglas

This is not really based on the romantic picture you might have in mind or think you should have, but something that will bring you so much more ease, fun, and peace as an Access X-Men.

Sex… Is also something that quite often finds itself in that Romantic Picture of a Relationship and it seems so simple, but as an X-Men, you can find it all a bit complicated. As an X-Men, you never really just have sex with your partner. You are aware of so many points of view, expectations, judgments, and projections that are on sex and often subconsciously you include all of that.

And then we have Bodies…
We can acknowledge more and more that our bodies heal and facilitate even when we don’t really want that at all 😉
The moment you are in a relationship with someone, it can even go so far that it seems like you are drowning in it…

Is it possible to have a relationship with someone without your body seeming to be the effect of it? And what is the difference between contributing and facilitating or actually just taking over the shit so that the other person doesn’t have to suffer so much?

Access X-men and Relationships, Sex, and Bodies will be the subjects for this amazing 3-part Telecall with Klaus Brunner & Saskia Mevis.

Your investment:
1st call on Access X-men and Relationships: € 200,00
Full series: € 350,00




1 (Monday) 8:30 pm - 8 (Monday) 10:00 pm


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