Welcome wonderful potent powerful YOU!

To this ONE OFF CALL with Merlijn Wolsink & Saskia Mevis
Are you joining us?

The Download of this Phenomenal Call is Available Here!

Merlijn & Saskia both had their fair share of dealing with Death and Disease. Now they are willing to turn it upside down and invite you to a world beyond the wrongness and the fear.

In this call, they like to invite you to look at your power your potency, and your possibility with death dying and disease.

Are you in for a fun and crazy ride, that will give you more of you?

Do we look alive?
That’s because we are willing to die!

Come die with us…and Let’s kill some ideas

What if living and dying is a choice and you choose when and how?

This reality has an antipathy to death and that doesn’t allow us to actually live!

Fighting against death is one of the most exhausting things in life, what can we kill today that would allow us to live right away?

Are you willing to Die in order to truly Live?

Will you allow the Universe to show you the Truth of You?