A Different Conversation about Cancer…

It may look like a Book, it may show up like a Book, but it is something else…
This is a Beast of Awareness looking to be UNLEASHED into the World!

Welcome to something else…

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This Book is dedicated to those who are wondering, “What else is possible?”

For all the Bodies who are living on this Planet, have ever lived on this Planet, and will be living on this Planet…

For the Bodies that have not only sustained us, but also inspired us, and even tolerated our stupidity and our hard-headedness against everything that they know is possible about life and living, that we kept refusing lifetime after lifetime.

And specifically, to my wonderful Body, for inviting me to step up and step into so much more living; for having my back, and for speaking through me in name of all bodies to create this Book.

This Book reminds us to always trust ourselves over any other authority, to come out of judgment of ourselves, and to open us up to receive healing, joy, and possibilities!

She captures in this Book the Magnificent treasure to another possibility to life and makes it available for everyone who is asking for a different possibility. This journey and this book changed my life and it keeps changing it into greater.

This Book is not just another book about cancer. It is special. It contains so much magic and wisdom that everybody should read it. Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer, another severe illness or nothing like that. This book might change your life. If you allow it to…

This Book is a gift to everybody, and you and your Body are warmly invited to receive exactly that what will create a greater life for you!

Beautiful YOU,

I can’t believe that it is here! An exploration over the last years that has been showing itself to me. I could not rush it, I could not force it and right now, I can not stop it.

The energies in this Book have been coming from all sorts of places and spaces that I didn’t even know I had access to. My Body has been leading me through the mud into a space of communion, that I didn’t even know was possible and keeps getting greater every day.

I like to invite you to start today by embracing your Body as a Key to more Possibilities, to embrace your Body as the Gift to Consciousness that it desires to be for you!

I hope this Book gives you exactly what your desire to receive from it and beyond.

I can’t wait to hear what it brought you!

With Love, Saskia ❤️

Saskia got diagnosed with cancer and told she would die without conventional treatment. Yet she chose to go against what everyone told her and started an exploration to her own knowing and possibilities. She started to listen to her Body and in doing so, found a strength and a joy greater than she ever thought possible.

In this wonderful Book, Saskia takes the reader to the Possibilities beyond the Impossible!

She hopes this Book will be a bridge from the unconscious to the Conscious world where Bodies are included in the co-creation called Life.


What if cancer, what if any disease is an invitation from your Body to get back to your own Knowing?

This Book is not about right or wrong Choices….
It is not about what treatments to do or not to do….
It is not about one point of view being better than another….

This Book is about you and your Body….
This Book is about the embodiment of your Knowing….
This Book is about freedom of choice… any Choice!

It is about what works for YOU and the true POTENCY of you to CHANGE anything and EVERYTHING you desire to CHANGE!

International Shipping & Kindle Ebook

Within The Netherlands

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