Private Sessions

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Energies I Play with!!!

For what Energies are your Body and Being asking?

Access Bars®

By getting your bars run, you open yourself and your body up again to really start receiving beyond what you can understand with your mind.

Do you ever feel slowed down, no longer present in your own life?
What would it be like to live from the space you actually be?
What would it be like to have more ease with your body and your life?

What would it be like to live your life with Ease, Joy, and Glory out of total allowance and non-judgment?
What would it be like to let go of judgments and conclusions that prevent you from being the MAGIC you truly be?

Access Energetic Facelift®

A Magical way to release Judgements on your Beautiful Body!

All judgments, conclusions, and expectations that you store in your body are visible on your face as signs of aging. With the Energetic Facelift, all judgments literally melt from your face. A deep way to relax and a lift for body and life. The Energetic Facelift of Access Consciousness is a way of rejuvenating without any botox, surgical, or other medical, non-natural interventions.

Access ESSE®

Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment

ESSE is designed to create changes in the structure and shape of the body, resulting in greater ease with movement, function, and energetic body systems. All the connective tissue of the body can be affected by this practical and energetic method of manual therapy.

Symphony of Possibilities

A Symphony Session connects you back to the Universe of Possibilities!

The SOP energy invites you to let go of what doesn’t work for you and opens doors to possibilities that you have been longing for and it opens doors to possibilities that you didn’t think were possible before. There are many words and at the same time, there are no words at all. Ask yourself… What contribution is this to me, my body, my life, and the Earth?

Access Abuse Hold®

What if there was a way to not let abuse stop you from living the life that you know is possible? The Access Consciousness Abuse Hold is a potent energetic hands-on technique that when run assists both the body and the being in releasing and changing everything that has been locked up due to abuse not only from this lifetime also from lifetimes after lifetimes that got you stuck.

Is it time to let both you and your body enjoy life again?

Access Body Processes®

There are over 60 body processes available within Access Consciousness® that gift your body a chance to regain its self-healing capacity.

These hands-on body processes create more space between the molecules in the body. Through the dynamic shift of energy in the body you create the possibility to release tension, resistance, and discomfort.


All of these sessions are carried out by gentle touch. The process may be given on the skin or on your clothes. The questions you have and/or the energy your body requires determines which body process can be a contribution for you.