Symphony of Possibilities

Everything consists of molecules and between all these molecules there is the (invisible) space of infinite possibilities. The SOP energy invites you to be all of you, beyond all the limitations, judgements, conclusions, definitions and reference points you have.

If there is no right or wrong and RECEIVING is not what you decided it is, what is possible for you, your body and your life? What energy do you have at your disposal that would give you more of you?

The SOP energy invites you to let go of what doesn’t work for you and opens doors to opportunities that you have been longing for and it opens doors to opportunities that you didn’t think were possible before. There are many words and at the same time there are no words at all. Ask yourself… What contribution is this to me, my body, my life and the Earth?

Wanna play with energies that go way beyond your mind? I would love to contribute!

A Symphony Session connects you back to the Universe of Possibilities !

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