What have you always been aware of?

Let’s talk about Spirit Awareness…
Something that many either dismiss or extremely avoid!

Thank YOU! For being different! Thank you for giving it a go…

If you are serious about Oneness you can’t exclude the Spirit World!

I always thought I did not have any capacities with Entities…
Although I knew that there was more than the seen and known, I was not gifted with that GIFT of awareness!
In this case, I always had to reach outside myself, putting the source outside myself and making other people’s knowing greater than mine.

Long story short, I ended up in several Talk To The Entities classes of which one was with Shannon O’Hara, founder of this Body of Work.
My back killed me without end during this class and she asked me this question:

What would happen if you would commit to the Spirit World?

The amount of energy that I received was magnanimous!

For me, it is absolutely clear that the education of people on the Spirit World and offering them very pragmatic, yet very effective tools make that they will not have to suffer all sorts of ways.

This information would solve large amounts of disorders that modern medicine does not know how to solve.

Think about…
Hearing Voices,
Being Bipolar,
Sincere Anxiety,

And… there is so much more!
There is a blast into the possibilities of the Future and beyond!

Talk To The Entities® is an Access Consciousness® specialty class designed to create clarity, ease and ability for people with the spirit world. Yes, we mean ghosts and we also mean so much more!

TTTE is a set of tools, processes, and philosophies that will totally revolutionize the way you think, feel and function with the spirit world and probably your whole life. It is the information you should have been given at day one, that so few people are.

People are born with the ability to perceive energy and spirits; it is a gift not a disability.
Talking to entities is not a sickness that needs to be hidden; it is a strength that has been tremendously misunderstood.

What if interacting with and receiving from the spirit world could be one of the greatest gifts to you and the world? The future of our world depends on the awareness of it’s people. What would a world where consciousness dominated be like?
What more can we all be aware of that will give us access to the gifts that we be?