Welcome wonderful potent powerful YOU!

Have you always known that Magic EXISTS?
That life is not meant to be HARD?
Are you willing to SEE?
This is my invitation for YOU!

Are you ready to be the MAGIC INFUSION you came here to be?

What others say about this…🥰

You are such a contribution for me to go forward and I get goosebumps right away and I got tears in my eyes. thank you for your Being! You are such a gift ❤

Honestly? I wouldn’t know how to capture this in words. It’s all about the energy you’re willing to be and share with us. I love your honesty and vulnerability and that nothing is to weird or strange to talk about. The value of this membership goes far beyond the price of it. I’m so thankfull to be able to be a part of this!

This goes beyond what you ever can imagen. Let Saskia amaze you as you never have been amazed before!

OMG just listened and received to the SOM session 😱🤯🤩🤑
Always nice those emoticons expressing what it does. Tinkles all over me, tears dropping of my eyes of grateness and gratitude. 💞
Thank you gorgious for the gift you be 🙏

And even more excited about your community and receiving this monthly 🤩🤑

What will you Receive?

Will you allow the Universe to show you the Truth of You?

Playing as a Certified Facilitator, Translating and Promoting for Access Consciousness, and having my fair share of destructive behavior I am ready to invite you to this MAGICAL creation! where I would love you to be part of!

Guys, the sky is not the limit… it’s only the beginning if you’re willing to receive it!

The ‘Your Magic Infusion Movement’… a few months ago I allowed myself to Receive, Trust, and Choose the whispers of Consciousness. Now 3 months later, we are way beyond what I even imagined was possible. The energy is on fire, we are on fire and this is just the beginning.

With every call, there is space for more of us and I am so grateful for the members who have put their trust in me. Willing to go and choose the courage, again and again, to be vulnerable and to receive more.

Your body can not be programmed, it’s a Conscious element. It’s whispering to you all the time and willing to be everything that you desire… your lover, your friend, your partner in crime.

So now demand from yourself to stop every abuse (= judgement) with your body and truly receive the Gift; your body as the key to the kingdom of We.

Are you ready to walk on this Earth in communion with your Body? Where you keep showing up for you and simultaneously keep reaching for someones Being and Consciousness?

Receive everything, judge nothing as the gift you truly are?

This Freedom is in your Being!

Now, wait a moment… listen to the whispers of your body right now…

What can you receive from reading this? Do you perceive the energy beyond the words?

Is it time for more of this? More of you?

I would like to invite you to the Magic Miracles and Possibilities that you always have known are possible if you would only have the SPACE to choose!

Well, here it is your SPACE! Will you jump? 💋