Welcome wonderful potent powerful YOU!

Have you always known that Magic EXISTS?
That life is not meant to be HARD?
Are you willing to SEE?
This is my invitation for YOU!

What you need to know!

✨There is a FREE Exploration on Facebook, where we will do GIFTED FB live sessions on all kinds of Magical Subjects.

✨There is a MEMBERSHIP with 4 choices, with every month several amazingly weird happenings that are beyond this reality, unpredictable, and always based on what is up in your World! There is a Call, a Symphony Session, a BodyBliss session, and so much more BEYOND words!

Choose what works for you and know there is ALWAYS MORE MAGIC and MORE POSSIBILITIES available if you are choosing to have it!

My MOTTO “If it isn’t MAGIC, it is NOT RELEVANT for my FUTURE!”

Grateful for you being here and BEING YOU and I wonder what we can create together?

Are you ready to be the MAGIC INFUSION you came here to be?


Save the Dates!

✨ July 11th, 08.00 PM CEST – Symphony Taster
✨ July 27th, 08.30 PM CEST – Clarity Call
✨ July 24th, 10.00 AM CEST – BodyBliss Session

What you require to know!
This membership will automatically end on December 31st, 2022.
By joining this membership you commit to this MAGICAL group of Wizards for at least 3 months. After these 3-months you can change your membership or cancel your membership, with a notice period of 1 month!

Check this out if you love to be part of one of the calls!

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What others say about this…🥰

Are you ready to let THE UNIVERSE in?

Ready for more of you?

The Your Infusion Movement passed by me,
I grabbed it and run with it, and I totally love the group of Magicians that came aboard and run with me, being a part of something greater, for themselves, the Earth and each other.


1,5 years on the way the energy is asking for some change…
Change to literally change gears and up our receiving exponentially.

So let me introduce you to…


With You are the Magic Infusion we go everywhere from Orgasmic JOY to Total TORTURE, and that from a SPACE of contributing to each other and receiving from each other, becoming greater every time we get together. Having each other’s back!

Creating a different reality begins with YOU BEING YOU!

You are valuable to this World, and this Membership will empower and invite you to become the GREATNESS you truly BE. Greater than you ever thought possible.

Nature thrives on diversity

The Universe thrives on diversity

Are you willing to be that DIFFERENT?
Are you willing to be that MAGIC INFUSION?




Ps Whether you join or not…Just be MAGIC!

And… What they say more, about this…💥

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