Do you want to engage with Consciousness and see what else is possible?
What does Consciousness actually mean to me?

Consciousness for me is the space in the world, where there is no right or wrong and people can actually be free from all the trauma, drama, and suffering. A space where there is a possibility for everyone to live with Ease, Joy, and Glory and to change everything that doesn’t work for them.

Membership & Upcoming Classes

Happy to meet you somewhere !

The Universe desires to have you back!

Wether you are willing to receive that is up to you !

No matter in what area of your life you are stuck, there is ALWAYS another possibility! A possibility to actually create the life you desire. I’m sure you’ll be amazed with your own power and potency when you start acknowledging the gift you truly are.

Trust me: I know. I’ve been there. I have come a long, beautiful way and here I am committed to spreading more Consciousness on this planet as an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, but more importantly as ME!

I truly wonder what else is possible for YOU, beyond what you ever imagined?

What would it take for all of us, to keep choosing more in every moment and create greater possibilities for our lives, living AND the future of our beautiful Planet?

Hope to meet you soon!
With Love, Saskia.


Everything is connected !

We consist out of trillions of molecules, each of which in turn is individually connected to the quantum field.  This is your entrance to the universal law of Infinite Possibilities. Every molecule in the universe is connected to everything in a great space of infinity, far beyond what you can understand with your mind. Your thoughts, intentions and movements not only move you, but also everything around you.

With how much vulnerability, power, love and joy can you move in the world to be the greatest contribution to yourself, your body, your life and the earth?

In that movement, where there are no judgments, definitions and expectations, is the infinite space of possibilities that you and your body truly are. Who you are and the possibilities you have, have not existed on this on this planet before.

What will it take for you to see what unique gift you truly are and change the world by being  exactly that?


How does it get any better ?

What can I say about this magical being? My mentor, my friend and always having my back. When she came into my life I had no clue she would turn my life upside down in the most beautiful way I could ever imagine. We didn’t connect immediately, but when she called me asking me if I was willing to teach Pilates at her studio, I just said yes without a doubt, without knowing what I would earn, just yes! And then Access Consciousness came into my live and I absorbed everything she says, being the space to let me be the space I really am.

I know this looks like a love letter, well maybe it is. Grateful beyond words.

I received 2 SOP sessions from Saskia, and they were beyond words. I felt the energy move through my body, her hands went exactly where they needed to go. She used verbal facilitation during the sessions, and we got to places I couldn’t get to myself. So much was released in my head and body and I’m so grateful.
It felt like I was floating afterwards and so joyful!

She’s made for this and if you’re willing to receive it she can be a huge contribution.

I also loved the SOP-session that I received from Saskia…It was miraculous. Now I know what it means to break down all barriers. When I listen to Saskia I feel inspired and I feel that my frequency and my consciousness are growing. Saskia is clear and pragmatic and she shows how to play with the tools of access.
She is pure and authentic and I like the examples out of her life.

There are many clearings in her calls and I like her way of facilitating.