Kangen Water

Kangenwater was one of the very first life changing things the Universe brought onto my path. Indirectly you could say that water is the source of many of the things that play a central part in my life at the moment. During the period in my life when everything seemed to fall apart and I was physically very ill, I bought a device by feeling.

So everything is the opposite of what if appears to be…. And what if change never shows up the way you think it will?
Turned out not everything was falling apart, but it was falling together.

Following the flow I ended up in Japan for the 40th anniversary of Kangenwater and there I got to know Access Consciousness®.

Before I got to know Kangenwater I was a severe Crohn’s patient and I suffered from acute rheumatism attacks, which made it impossible for me to move. To this day, doctors regularly look at me in amazement. The fact that after all these years I am still free of pain and use no medicine, is something that just doesn’t fit into the way they view reality. Do you want to know more about this magical water?