Here I was in a Yoga class…

Busy with all sorts of thoughts that might or might not have had any other purpose than keeping me Busy…

And not more than a few moments later I thought my fantasy went into gaga land… A little White Dragon Baby landed left above my head…
Curiously checking me out and taking off right at the moment the teacher come close to touch me.

“No, you don’t have to go!” I told her, but still, she took off…

Now of course we all know, we can force our mind into believing that it was still there or came back but that never really works. So I did this weird thing (with remarkable ease for my nature, I have to say) I let it go…

Right before the end of the class she was back… Totally checking me out and contributing in a very undefinable way… During the end relaxation, all the lights were turned off and I could still perceive her light, so gentle so loving and nurturing…

Later talking to a friend she googled before I could even ask and it was such a goosebump experience…

Now you have to know. I can make up a lot of things and I often think that my fantasy is one of the richest around. Yet Dragons or dragon energies would never be one of these things I felt connected to or that I could relate to in any way. Also, I did not know anything about it (cognitively that means). So it was kind of a “You can not make this shit up” situation, which opened me to perceiving what else was there.

A little more to the story…

There is a little more to the story that I will tell you if you ask me personally but by caution to not totally come across as an insane person (even more than I already do), I will not lay that out in this story. 😂

Long story short this is an energy that I really like to work with and let work through me and I am honoured to have this beautiful Baby Dragon Donna – Miraculous Creature as a Co-Creator in my life and as a light worker.

I am initiated to the Reiki White Dragon energy and as of now, I will work with this energy in my private and group sessions.

It will open you up to the secrets of the past, the possibilities of the present and all the potential of the future.

I truly can’t wait to see what adventures and wonderful spaces this will contribute and access!

Love & Light

💎 The White Dragon cleanses your path and removes blockages in your energy and energy fields.

💎 The White Dragon heals sadness, regret, guilt and all negative emotions within your being and energy fields.

💎 The White Dragon then fills every chakra with pure Love & Light to bring peace, love, light, harmony and happiness to your life.

💎 The White Dragon is so strongly connected to spirit and the creative source that you feel a very beautiful, loving energy as the white dragon works to purify, cleanse and heal your body, mind and spirit.

💎 The White Dragon comes across as a very powerful being that carries the White Light of the Spirit. The energies are masculine in that she is strong in her courage, strength and ability that is more aggressive than normally associated with femininity.


The Energies of the White Dragon are powerful and easy to use to free, cleanse and purify your chakras or those of others. It only takes a few minutes and everything is completely free of negative energies.

With the energy, you can clear spaces, clean objects, cleanse and purify your chakras and energy fields and remove blockages so that the energy can flow properly again.

You can also reduce illnesses and disorders and remove entities and break (explode or blow up) energies of illness, disorders and fever, although the latter may require a little more time. This can also be done with relationships as in breaking ties between you and a person without harming anyone.

This session melted me. Beautiful energies! I cannot explain the sensations. Thank you so much❤️

This initiation was something different, something special. I felt a warm glow coming in through my head, one that immediately melted through several blockages. It was peaceful and loving. This Dragon Energy created a space and softness throughout my body into my world!

A warm blanket of love 🥰😍

I saw while awake beautiful colors, movements, and perhaps some – Crazy – Being long moving around must be my imagination). It didn’t matter it was beautiful crystal blue and white colors. It was all around me and inside me. My body feels so good. 🙏

Would you Like to play with this ENERGY?

You can choose a Session or the White Dragon Initiation.
Both are on Distance.

White Dragon Session

Have a taste of this amazing White Dragon energy during a session with Baby Dragon Donna & Me.

The session will take about 10 to 15 minutes.
You will receive this session at a distance while you lay down in a comfortable place.

To book the session click on the tile below.

White Dragon Initiation

If you want to receive the initiation into the White Dragon Reiki, you can click on the tile below to plan your intiation. You will receive the initiation at a distance at an agreed time. During the initiation, I will pass on this energy to you and you will receive it. After that, you are a channel for this energy.

The initiation will take about 20 to 30 minutes.
The costs for this initiation are 55,55 euros excluding VAT.

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