And the Exploration Continues…

Thank YOU! Thank you, for going on this Weird but Magical exploration. Please receive my Gratitude for you getting to this Page. I wonder what else is possible for you and your Beautiful Body!

What GIFT of Embodiment can you RECEIVE now?

Your Body is one of the Greatest Gifts that you ever get to unwrap while living on this Planet and yet so dynamically ignored.

These cards invite to you start listening to, being present with and receiving from your Body.

What Gift is your Body that you have never considered?

Play with the question, let the ENERGY come up, let it INSPIRE you, and let it CHANGE your World!

You can literally ask your Body anything so please also start playing with your own questions and see what opens up. Ask your Body to communicate with you in a way that you get it because, unfortunately, we are a little bit stupid 😉

I can’t wait to see what you and your Body create!

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