february, 2022

10feb(feb 10)9:00 am02mar(mar 2)9:20 am21 Days of Boomshakalaka – Energy Pulls | Online

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Boomshakalaka is an exclamation that can express dominance, triumph, excitement, or joy!
What if Boomshakalaka is an energy that you can embody, an energy to outcreate this reality with an exuberance of living not known on this planet unless we choose it, then would you choose it?
With this 21 Days of Boomshakalaka I invite you to the core of your true being, the joy of embodiment, the enthusiasm for life and creation in a total different way, are you up for that?
Energy pulls are based on the energy that you are willing to be that creates the future…
Energy pulls are not like pull, pull, pull as a fitness exercise from force and contraction… an energy pull is becoming congruent with the elementals so they can actually gift to you and you can allow the energies in. Truly receive them, be them, know them and actualize them…
An energy pull is not only physical to your body, it’s to your life and existence basically…
So how much are you pulling from a very contracted space rather than from an expansion?
Include your being into the energy pull and receive, receive more!
– The 1st Day will also be GIFTED in the Free Your Magic Infusion Exploration – https://www.facebook.com/groups/192974611426958
– Day 2 – 20 will be Online through a 15-20 min Zoom.
You will receive recordings and the video will be uploaded to the closed Facebook Group.
Online Zoom – 15-20 min
You will receive recordings and the video will be uploaded to the closed Facebook Group.
Truly my friends now is the time and you are it!
What would it take to truly live?
Your Investment – 200 euro
Your Investment if you are on the previous Energy Pull – 175 euro (ask for your Honoring Code)
Your Investment if you are a YMI Movement Member – 150 euro (ask for your Honoring Code)



February 10 (Thursday) 9:00 am - March 2 (Wednesday) 9:20 am



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