Welcome to YOUR 5 Days of Magic Moments

5 Magic Moments of Being Present with whatever likes to be channelled. I will be voicing the Universal Energies and infinite Beings of Consciousness that are looking to contribute to us and our Bodies. 

✨ Raising your Frequency.

Getting in touch with the Truth of You!

Taking the next step onto your Life Path.

Allowing your Body to activate the long-forgetting phenomena – Self Healing!

Starting your Day or Really any moment of the day to get yourself aligned with the highest frequency possible will allow life to embrace you and the Universe to work for you!

Allowing yourself to Fully Embody your Body and giving it a clear Voice and Direction will start to activate a deeply forgetting Universal Law

“Everything is connected in the world, between ourselves and each other, but also between us and the world around us. The melody of the cosmos exhales in our air, and is full of powers that we will never understand. But this doesn’t mean we can’t feel it.”

When we are in touch with everything, there is a Magic of Receiving and a Power of creation not based on Force and Stress but on Peace and Trust.

The Gift of Allowing yourself PEACE!

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You will receive all recordings and can therefore listen back unlimitedly.

What others say…

5 mornings of being in touch with my deepest being are what I often forget, and find again during these mornings with the nice voice and guidance of Saskia!

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