Are You Trying to Judge Yourself into Being Conscious?

24may8:00 pm9:00 pmAre You Trying to Judge Yourself into Being Conscious?One-Time Pop-Up Clarity Call

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How much judgement do you have about you that keeps you from truly being conscious.

And what if you being conscious is not exactly what you thought it was? How much do you judge yourself into being conscious? How much are you trying to judge you in the concept of what you have decided of what being conscious means? 

More and more I realize that conceptual living don’t inspires me anymore… I would like to be something else as long as I am walking on this planet. That awareness makes me look at a LOT of things where we are making things a concept and this morning it hits me… Where are we making consciousness a concept?? 

True consciousness is a generative source… 

The concept keeps you away from that generative space and always… yes always get you into judgement!  

What we do is that we look reasons and justifications to choose consciousness. I am conscious because… what if it’s not about I am conscious because but I am conscious period. 

And that is a choice. As soon as you make that choice the Universe will moving molecules around to contribute to you. 

What can we allow to shift, change and re-arrange if we choose to be conscious and let go of every concept we bought so far? 

In this one time Pop-Up we will dive deep and explore the true possibility of consciousness!

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(Tuesday) 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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